Welcome to our Dance Family!

The organization has 6 tiers in that it provides one team for preschool age children, two teams for elementary level students, one for middle school students, one for high school students, and one for students with special abilities. In the summer the entire organizaiton is independent of the school system, and during the school year the high school squad competes and represents Watertown High School.

The Watertown Blue Revue presently includes approximately 90 members across the six competition teams. The program is directed by Sue Putra and the teams are coached by Linnea Nagel (HS), Erica Rowoldt (MS), Casey Krueger (EL), Hilary Rein (EL), and Jenelle O'Driscoll (PreK amd EL).

The high school team provides CLINICS 2 times a year for Watertown youth, one in the fall during football season and one during the winter basketball season.. The programs are well recieved and give many young men and ladies an opportunity to dance. The program also offers a dance class (non competition class) for two year olds and a summer dance camp for youth in the summer. If you are interested in these please click HERE.